Our doors have been continually tested, modified and improved since their beginning in 1960. Made from the finest extruded, architectural grade aluminum, our designs are customized to meet the highest performance requirements of impact or non-impact doors.


There are no warehouses with rows of sliding doors in stock waiting to be ordered. Every door we make-whether standard-size or custom-size-is made to specific order and we are dedicated to producing the finest noise-free, easy-to-slide glass and screen doors possible. We are noted for innovative configurations which we build to the required specifications.


In business for over 60 years, we have a product that has stood the test of time. Widely recognized among architects, contractors, designers, and other professionals in the building and remodeling, Plaza Door has earned the reputation for excellence.


We look forward to answering any questions you have and to finding the «Custom» door design you need for your home or business.Only the finest aluminum, all stainless steel deadlocks and fasteners, the smoothest, quietest roller assemblies, and the best screens in the industry go into our product to provide you with a door that meets your expectations.

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Hurricane impact sliding glass doors available in many custom configurations.


In order to offer Impact doors to withstand hurricanes and other violent storms we have several doors in our Titan series that have complied with the rigors of testing–Titan 50, Titan 90, Titan 85, Titan 120 .

IIBP periodically tests and retests our doors when we develop and reengineer key components to verify that the quality and strength of our sliding glass doors improves. For testing, we use the widely known Hurricane Test Laboratory to conduct all necessary procedures for pressure, precipitation infiltration, and impact* resistance.


The purpose for large missile impact resistance testing is to demonstrate the ability of the sliding door and glass to withstand the impact of large missiles that would be blown about in a hurricane or other high wind event. To pass, the door and glass panel must remain in place and protect the interior space from the devastating winds. To simulate a large missile, an eight foot piece of 2″ x 4″ yellow pine lumber is shot from an air cannon at the door and glass panel at multiple places on the door. After the impact, the door panel is placed in a pressure chamber and subjected to cyclic pressures that simulate the gusting winds of a hurricane.


The purpose of small missile testing is to simulate the impacts of small missiles, small rocks from roof tops, and other small debris and id tested with small ball bearings. On all small and large impact missile tests, Plaza uses «dry set» impact resistant glass in a marine-type gasket for ease of replacing damaged glass from a storm or accident while still retaining the same strength as the original installation.


The requirement for testing on products that require shutters is due to the wind pressures only.  Shutters will only shield from flying debris and not the wind pressure.  The door must withstand the same pressure either way.


We offer 3 Standard Finishes

White ESP Paint/White Hardware

AAMA 2603

Bronze Anodized/Black Hardware

Acid Etched Anodized
Exceeds AAMA 611

Clear Anodized/Black Hardware

Exceeds AAMA 611 Standards

***Custom Colors are available using Tiger Drylac Series 75***

Superior Architectural Powder Coatings AAMA-2605.

OUR NEW  WOOD GRAIN   LOOK  is a revolutionary new coating process developed in Europe by Decoral  System. Tested by AAMA, this unique coating gives the appearance of a high-end look simulating wood grains with a resistance to all atmospheric agents including acids, humidity and salt. Paint samples are available upon requests.  Colors shown are limited by printing reproduction procedures.


Clearly Safer: DuPont™ SentryGlas® in Architectural Glass. Five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials, DuPont™ SentryGlas® Interlayers help create glass that protects against bigger storms, harder impacts and heavier loads. Used in our Large Missile Impact door.

9/16″ Large Missile, 9/16″ SMI & 7/8″ Insulate Impact Glass

Glass…its Not Just Glass!

It’s Tinted, Reflective, Insulated, Laminated, Low-e etc. It’s your view, light, source of heat –cold. It is many things!

Knowing your options can increase the protection you seek for your investment as well as increase your energy efficiency.

Near the coast? then safety from flying debris, high winds and water are a huge concern. Impact glass is a must and in many states , code will require that you have protection. We use the best laminated, impact resistant glass available, DuPont ™SentryGlasPlus®. (SGP) This architectural laminated glass, is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminated materials. With heat strengthened glass on either side of the laminate and SGP as the interlayer, we have a safety glass that protects against bigger storms, larger impacts and more powerful blasts. For safety and code we use SGP glass in our Large Missile Impact Titan door.

Perhaps energy efficiency is important to you and you want to lower those utility bills. Tinted glass with either a Low-e or reflective coating is a glass that you want to consider. To use Low -e (low emissivity) you need to have an insulated glass product. Tinting can be done on any glass type. Plaza has a variety of choices: clear, gray, bronze, blue, or green as just some of the more popular. Look to our Titan 85 for insulated/impact qualities. 

Turtle Code is usually a requirement controlling visible light transmittance (VLT) . A VLT of less than .45 on all new construction windows/doors within sight of the beach is often required. A typical solution is to specify laminated glass that is tinted gray. This meets the acceptable VLT and meets hurricane impact requirements in coastal areas adjacent to turtle nesting designated areas. Check with a Plaza Dealer in your area.

Handle Selection

Our Standard Handle is shown and comes in various colors. We offer custom Handles available through our catalogs as well.


With Single Point & with Dual Point Locks

Metal Recessed Pulls

With Single Point & with Dual Point Locks

Recessed Pulls

Interior locking & exterior

Contemporary Handle

Interior locking & exterior

Square Handles

Interior locking & exterior

Arch Handles

Interior locking & exterior

The Remarkable 90° Door

In 1991 the special configurations were developed by Plaza Door allowing for a unique “traveling corner” now called the 90 degree door. Our Titan line allows for these configurations bringing the “outside in or the inside out” by removing barrier walls.

Here is an example of one of our 90 degree doors in a Sater Design home.



Plaza Doors were designed for ease of operation, optimum security, and maximum durability. The ease of operation is a result of our silent heavy duty roller assemblies and heavy extruded frame sections. The stainless steel Adams Rite Hook-bolt deadlock with full height adjustment offers trouble-free operation and security. Durability is ensured by using the finest grade of aluminum as well as non-corrosive finished materials in our production. We chose a narrow profile for our frames to allow for the least obstructed views.

We are a custom manufacturer, not limited to a set number of configurations or product sizes. Noted for innovation we build to your required specifications. Whatever is needed for a successful retrofit of an existing building requiring an upgrade of its sliding doors, we do everything possible to make sure the door is correct.


One of the most important components of a sliding glass door is the roller assembly. This assembly, designed by Plazadoor Corp., is made of 6061-T6 structural grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel axle pins, sealed ball bearings, and adjusting screw. The large diameter wheel is molded of high density Derlin compound for durability. Derlin is a naturally lubricating material and does not wear away the heavy anodized finish applied to the track. The stainless steel bearing is protected from dust and dirt with Teflon dust shields. It all adds up to a very quiet, easy-rolling, corrosion resistant door.

Single Roller Assembly

The single roller assembly is part of the standard quality package furnished on our Sentry, Atlas, and screen door panels. The large diameter roller tire makes these units roll quietly and with little effort.

Tandem Roller Assembly

The tandem roller assembly is included as standard hardware on our Titan Series sliding door units. They can be retrofitted to any existing Plaza Sliding Glass Door regardless of the series. The use of two wheels per roller means the mechanical advantage of the large tires has been doubled to provide the easiest, smoothest, and quietest rolling Titan door panels, regardless of their size.

Track Drainage

Built-in «Weep» Drainage System
Water drainage is important in areas where constant rain is a part of everyday life. To keep rain water from findings its way inside, Plaza Door uses a series of watertight discharge pans hidden underneath the track. The force of the water rolling off of the doors pushes the water into corresponding «weep» holes that allow water to find its way off of the track and away from the door sill. Our special «Titan Hi Rise» surface draining track may be utilized for optimum performance during extreme weather and high wind conditions.

Four Point Weather Sealing

The Pile or «fuzz» weather stripping plays the critical role of keeping insects from finding their way inside. The bulb vinyl weather stripping is important because it blocks wind and rain water from entering the interior. Plaza Door integrates this industry standard of weather sealing twice at every jamb, door astragal, and interlock meeting condition. Having this feature helps eliminate the » whistling» or «howling» many sliding glass doors produce during extreme windy conditions.

Screen Doors

One of the features of the Plaza Sliding Door System that separates our sliding door units from other manufacturers is our sliding screen panel. When design features of the Plaza Sliding System were being established, it was determined that the screen panel for a sliding door unit was equally important as any other part of the unit. To satisfy that decision, the Plaza screen panel has been designed with the same care as the door panel and frame components… with the same profile, including extrusion wall thickness equal to the door sections. This design assures the screen door is as sturdy and reliable as the door panel. In addition to the heavy duty extrusion used in the screen panel, the same roller and lock used on the glass door panel. Plaza screens are known for their ease of operation and durability, whether they are 3′ wide x 6’8″ high or 5′ wide x 10″ high. Screen cloth choices are also available.

Survive the Storm with Titans

When you need protection from wind borne debris and water, you need Plaza’s Titan door. We submitted our Titan to the stringent testing requirements of Miami-Dade to qualify for their NOA’s (Notice of Acceptance). There is no better certification!

With the added strength of more aluminum per pound than our competition and using DuPont’s SentryGlas Plus® we provide you with a sliding glass door that stays in tact. Even when the glass is broken, the interlayers prevent debris and water from getting inside your home.


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