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Our doors have been continually tested, modified and improved since their beginning in 1960. Made from the finest extruded, architectural grade aluminum, our designs are customized to meet the highest performance requirements of impact or non-impact doors.

Where we are

Located in Riviera Beach, Florida for over 60 years, Plaza Doors have been installed all over the US, the Caribbean, and parts of the Pacific.

We take our reputation seriously

We take our reputation seriously and vow to make sure you have consistent quality and service beyond expectations with prices among the most competitive.

Customs doors

We look forward to answering any questions you have and to finding the «Custom» door design you need for your home or business.

Protect you and your investment

Our high standards surpass the stringent testing required for acceptance by Miami-Dade County NOA’s-Texas Department of Insurance, ASTM and others. So when the yearly threat of potentially damaging hurricanes and rising insurance premiums affect you, look to Plaza Door’s Titan Series. Both the small and large missile impact doors are rated to help protect you and your investment.

Only the Best



Every door we make-whether standard-size or custom-size-is made to specific order and we are dedicated to producing the finest noise-free, easy-to-slide glass and screen doors possible.



In business for over 60 years, we have a product that has stood the test of time. Widely recognized among architects, contractors, designers, and other professionals in the building and remodeling.



Only the finest aluminum, all stainless steel deadlocks and fasteners, the smoothest, quietest roller assemblies, and the best screens in the industry.

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